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Practical Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, General health & Thyroid health

Meet Josee Fontaine-Metallic


Meet Josee Fontaine-Metallic, her interest in naturopathic medicine began in her 20's, always fascinated on the natural approach it had and values it held. Josee was previously an insurance agent and admired her profession but always had an interest in alternative health and holistic practices. She decide to take a direction into her interests in becoming a licensed Naturopath.

Josee is very passionate about naturopathic medicine and treats each patients with compassion and empathy. She uses a variety of naturopathic assessments and treatments and tailors them to each individual. Josee stays current with the latest research and naturopathic treatments by continually updating her skills through on-going education in the most contemporary and effective treatment methods. 

Josee has additional training and education to assist with  gut health, chronic fatigue, thyroid functions, nutrition and much more.


-Alternative Medicine College of Canada, graduate with distinction



-National Alliance Professionnelle des Naturopathes et Naturotherapeutes

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

Why Naturopathy?

See below to find out what a Naturopathic Practitioner can assist with

Digestive System
and Gut Health

I treat all of these symtoms,

Gerd, peptic ulcers, IBS,

Ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, Bowel disorder, gallstones, celiac disease, Hemorrhoids, Pancreatis, Diverticulitis, Constipation, Diarrhea, Bloating and Gas, food sensitivities, Low acid stomach and much more...

Fatigue and Energy

Finding the cause of fatigue can vary from clients Josee will address the body as a whole and get a complete picture of your overall health. 

It can be from lack of sleep, over stress, nutrient deficiencies, hormones imbalances Adrenal fatigue or Thyroid,

food intolerance, lack of exercise or diet ...

Detoxification & 
 Organ Cleanse

 Detox is done in a short amount of time, improve functioning of liver and kidneys, focuses on supporting body's natural detox process.

Cleanse is to focus on cleansing digestive track, done is a short amount of time, eating healthier and lighter while removing allergenic food. 

Stress, Anxiety, Depression 

Josee will assess the whole person, family history medical history, discussion of diet physical activity, environmental exposures, sleep patterns and psycho-emotional stressors. There is a wide variety of underlying causes for anxiety and stress she will find the best solution to your own personal needs in a natural non invasive way.

Weight Management

Weight management will be assist by Josee she is fully certified. She will help you for weight lost, weight gain or just weight maintenance all depending a clients goal. She feels that measuring her clients is extremely important as to where she sees better results and more encouraging for her clients the scale can be treaky. She will take your BMI with the machine and pinch test, analyse the situation and make you the best meal plan according to your needs and do follow ups and coach you.

Womens General Health
Mens General Health
Childrens General Health 
Blood Pressure and Cholesterol
Mental Health 
Adrenal Fatigue and Burn Out
Vitamin & Supplement         Deficiency
Fertility Guidance 
Thyroid Health 
Hormone Imbalance
ADHD & Autism
Addictions Therapy


Today was my first appointment with Josee and she gave me back so much faith and hope that i will get healthy. She has an amazing attitude and energy and truly cares about her patients and their health. She is so easy to talk with and understanding. Got many answers to the years of pain and suffering I've been going through. I can never even thank her enough. She is truly a God sent and an angel on earth

-Angel Blais



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